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We are starting a new format for the New Legal Realism Conversations,which have been posted as part of the NLR Project webpage since 2009.   We feature commentary from current contributors and highlights of important legal realist scholarship — from past to present.   This is not intended to be a conventional blog, but is part of a larger project (see our webpage for more information).

Join Stewart Macaulay, Elizabeth Mertz, and new contributors, for conversations about law, society, and all that jazz!

Below you will find an archive of some of our past topics:

2009-2010 POSTS: (click on page numbers below)

  • Leading Economists Criticize Rational Choice Models (page 2)
  • Why Law Needs Empirical Anthropology (page 3)
  • Stewart Macaulay’s Jazz Picks (page 4)
  • Legal Research Funded by Big Oil? (page 5)