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Honoring Jane Larson

**Update: Click here for Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender, and Society’s special issue in memory of Jane Larson**

As January comes to an end, we pause to share with you some of the tributes we’ve received this month honoring our colleague Jane Larson…

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J. Larson Tributes: Albiston, Balkin, Becker, Bernstein

From KT Albiston — University of California-Berkeley (JSP and Boalt)

I will always remember Jane as being especially welcoming to me when I arrived in Madison.  She reached out to me both professionally and personally, supporting my identity as a newly minted (and very nervous) assistant professor and as a feminist.  We worked together on a project, and she helped me connect to other like-minded scholars interested in gender.  I will always be grateful to her, and she will be sorely missed by so many of us.

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J. Larson Tributes: Bowman, Burns, Crane, Erlanger

Cynthia Grant Bowman — Cornell Law School

Memories of Jane — When I first saw Jane Larson as a new law professor at Northwestern in 1990, I thought she was magical.  The way she walked and talked and belonged in her body attracted me at first….

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J. Larson Tributes: Ertman, Kaplan, Law, Luna

Martha Ertman — University of Maryland Law School

Thoughts on Jane Larson’s Passing  —  The poet Mary Oliver famously asks “tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”  The question has been my compass these past ten years.  Hearing that Jane Larson passed away brings up the question in bold font, all caps.  What did Jane, a mother, an academic, a feminist, a lawyer, do with her one wild and precious – and short –life?

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J. Larson Tributes: Macaulay, Mertz, Mitchell, Nice, Nourse

From Stewart Macaulay — University of Wisconsin Law School

I’ll always have a large collection of wonderful memories of my friend Jane Larson.   She was a scholar who left her law school office to test elegant theories in the all-too-real world of ordinary people….

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J.Larson Tributes: Rubinowitz, Spillenger, Torres

From Len Rubinowitz  — Northwestern University Law School

Jane was an extraordinary presence at Northwestern Law School on so many levels.  She was a gifted teacher, who worked so hard at it that she made it look easy.  She prepared detailed notes as part of her preparation and turned them face down before the class started…..

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Remembering NLR Scholar Jane Larson

We at the NLR Blog mourn the loss of colleague Jane Larson.  We will be posting an extended tribute soon.