CURRENT BLOGGERS:  Bernadette Atuahene, Stewart Macaulay,  Elizabeth Mertz, Riaz Tejani

GUEST BLOGGERS: Michele LaVigne, Bill Clune, Carroll Seron, Anne Emanuel, Carole Silver, Schlegel!, Paul Secunda, Lisa Hajjar, Martha Albertson Fineman, Marc Galanter, Sol Picciotto, Nick Cheesman, Alex Steel

FORMER BLOGGERS: Fred Aman, Elizabeth Chambliss, K.T. Albiston, Joe Margulies

BLOG FORUMS:  Oct-Nov 2012:  Women in the Legal Profession

Welcome to the blog of the “big tent” New Legal Realists.  We share the Law -and-Society movement’s approach to interdisciplinary legal studies:  we believe that all of the social sciences have a contribution to make to our understanding of law.  And now, more than ever, we need to use all of the methods available to understand what law is doing in our lives and our world.

Like the old Legal Realists, our door is open to multiple approaches and ideas — and you don’t need a membership card.  On our webpage and at conferences, we hope to encourage careful and rigorous thinking about how to use social science to improve our understanding of law.

This is the “Conversations” section of the New Legal Realism Project.  For a full description of NLR, go to http://www.newlegalrealism.org


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