Second Annual Qualitative And Mixed-Methods Workshop at AALS (New York, NY)

2014: Second Annual Qualitative AND Mixed-Methods Workshop at AALS (January 4-5, 2014)
Session I: Introduction- Getting Started with Qualitative Research
Chair: Elizabeth Mertz
Participants: Leslie Levin, Lynn Mather

Session II: Didactic Panel Discussion (9 am – noon, Sunday)
Chair: Lynn Mather
Participants:Anya Bernstein, Shari Diamond, Kathryn Hendley, Ajay Mehrotra

Working Lunch (noon – 2pm)
Panelists from Session III (Rick, Joyce, Tom) will give short presentations on the types of major research projects upon which they’ve worked. This will set the stage for the afternoon’s discussion of how to deal with research challenges on the ground. The audience will have a chance to ask questions.

Session III: Practical Research Questions and Workshop Q&A (2-5pm)
Chair: Leslie Levin
Participants:Rick Lempert, Joyce Sterling, Tom Tyler (with input from faculty from other sessions who remained)

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