Session III

Leslie Levin (University of Connecticut Law/Law)Participants:
Rick Lempert (NSF, Michigan Law, Michigan Sociology/Sociology & Law), Joyce Sterling (Denver Law/Sociology), Tom R. Tyler (Yale Law/Psychology)

The chair will engage in a guided discussion organized as follows:
1. Each panelist will start out spending 7-8 minutes talking about why they chose the methods they used for certain of the research projects they described at lunch, and, if relevant, why they decided to combine methods.

2. Ask panelists to give concrete examples of one or two biggest challenges they have confronted in obtaining data and how they resolved those challenges.

3. Ask panelists to give concrete examples of challenges in analyzing and presenting data and how they were resolved.

4. When should researchers consider collaborating? What tips would they give about how to decide whether to collaborate?

5. Is there any software that they use and recommend for research?

6. When does a researcher need IRB approval? (For instance, does every interview related to a research project require IRB approval?) Have they confronted problems obtaining IRB approval? How did they resolve them?

7. Can they give tips for obtaining funding and for finding potential funding sources for law-related research?

The session will conclude with questions from the audience and with answers to any remaining questions submitted by the audience in advance that were not already addressed.