Previous New Legal Realism Events 2004-10

CRN 28: Realist and Empirical Legal Methods 2010 Panels
Chicago, IL (May 27-30, 2010)…translating law across boundaries, analyzing transcripts,
the language of law, French legal education

CRN 28: Realist and Empirical Legal Methods 2009 Panels
Denver, CO (May 28-31, 2009)…combining qualitative and quantitative research; New Legal Realism;
relational antidiscrimination research

American Association of Law Schools Open Source Program Panel: New Legal Realism
San Diego, CA (January 8, 2009) Program Details

CRN 28: Realist and Empirical Legal Methods 2008 Panels
Montreal, Quebec (May 29- June 1, 2008)…qualitative research on the trial; transnational legal orders;
ecological validity in sociolegal experiments

Working From the World Up: Equality’s Future — A New Legal Realism Conference Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Feminism and Legal Theory Project
Madison, WI(March 14-15, 2008) Conference Website

Joint NLR and FLT Conference: “New Legal Realism Meets Feminism & Legal Theory II”
Madison, WI (October 5-6, 2007) Conference Program

CRN 28: Realist and Empirical Legal Methods 2007 Panels
Berlin, Germany (July 25-28, 2007)…experimental, quantitative, and qualitative methods; U.S. legal education; institutions and law; contract law

NLR featured on Empirical Legal Studies Blog
(June 19-23, 2006) ELS website

American Association of Law Schools Plenary Session: Conducting Empirical Research in a Law School Setting
Washington, DC (January 5, 2006)

“New Legal Realism meets Feminism and Legal Theory I”: Combining Legal and Empirical Research to Generate New Perspectives on Work, Family, and Gendered Lives
Atlanta, GA, Emory University School of Law (June 24-25, 2005) Conference Program

Law & Society Association Meetings: “Legal Realism, the New Legal Formalism, and the New Legal Realism”
Chicago, IL (2005)

First New Legal Realism Conference: New Legal Realism Methods
Madison, WI (June 25-27, 2004) Program